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11 Ways Of Boosting Your Value To Important People | Part 2

6. Do as Good As You Can in their Absence When you do something good without their knowledge; without their presence and expectation there is a multiplier effect on your relationships. Especially when they find out. They get to trust you, rely on you....

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11 Ways Of Boosting Your Value To Important People.| Part 1

Introduction It’s important that people important to you consider you valuable, or more – priceless. You need to be somehow a key person in their lives. But, you need to earn this. How? Narrow your list of important people When you have a few people that...

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4 Steps, How What People Say When You Listen To Them Motivates You, To Build You Or To Break You

What if you were to find out that 100% of the things you listen to everyday motivate you in some way? To do good or bad! I mean to construct or destroy some things in you life. Would you still listen to the same stuff that you usually listen to? Mind!...

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9 Things: Get to know the People You Relate with – Build Rock-Solid Relationships

1. Say out your fears It’s what makes you a human being. Everybody has fears, everybody is afraid of something. It means you trust them with your fears and that may go a long way. She may bring her fears up as well, or that would be coming up soon or...

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8 Keys of Building Trust in Relationships

I have found trust to be the aroma and foundation of any relationship. Trust makes a relationship healthy and strong when it is complemented by confidence and assurance. Confidence and assurance in one another. One needs to be sure that the person they...

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With a great team, you may be slow but certainly unstoppable “SmartLeaders influence.” So begins the SmartLeadership philosophy. But what is influence and how does one gain it? SmartLeaders know the key to gaining influence. It is a key that is not limited...

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3 Reasons Why Everybody Needs Good and Healthy Relationships

Because, even though people differ from one person to another there are some things that are common. Let’s exhume these common things. I bet you differ and I dare to challenge you.. 1. You are not an island and you sure aren’t a superman. You are surrounded...

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