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We might have been crushed… & failed… but….tells us something!

Everyone in this world has failed in certain things……every living person in the world today has had a couple of rough times in their lives. Whether wealthy or underprivileged, the oppressors or oppressed, the free or captured, old/adults or tender youths....

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Strength N Courage

Never give your enemy/opponent a chance to think they're making an impact in you. I mean never ever let them think that they're defeating you. This is a fuel to their possibly dying confidence which will suddenly/resultantly wash away your confidence...

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#THOUGHTS Tame that mind otherwise it's gonna take you with it - guess where - to the jungle...uhmm u don't belong there, it's a strange place for your soul and innermost desires. This place is as well hostile to you coz you are a stranger. U two hate...

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