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Tame that mind otherwise it's gonna take you with it - guess where - to the jungle...uhmm u don't belong there, it's a strange place for your soul and innermost desires. This place is as well hostile to you coz you are a stranger. U two hate and are hostile to each other. If it was just the jungle, I would hopefully and/or faithfully have said you can adapt but there's no time for that coz it's the palace, - guess who lives there - #Mr_LION who @ one glance will be raging to rip you apart coz you are a threat to him and are his prey too. Now that you have supposedly come to terms with taming your mind, you gott’o know what's the animal, what's it's trend of behavior and its capacity to either attack you or help and use that to your advantage...get that in James Allen's timeless classic - #As_A_Man_Thinketh


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