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11 Ways Of Boosting Your Value To Important People | Part 2

6. Do as Good As You Can in their Absence
When you do something good without their knowledge; without their presence and expectation there is a multiplier effect on your relationships. Especially when they find out. They get to trust you, rely on you. You are important to them. You are valuable to someone important to you. Hmmm there’s a mutual ‘pricelessness’. Isn’t that great? But. . .

7. Don’t tell, Just Give Credit.
There’s a general and irresistible need to tell others about the good you did for someone. Ey and when they find out that you’ve been telling ‘everyone’ about your ‘charity work’, things tend to turn sour. What then is the investment in the effort?
When it’s them who tell others and you are only endorsing, or more – when others are endorsing. Man, things tip in your favour with a multiplier effect. To them and people, you are selfless, reliable, genuinely helpful and trustworthy. 
Greater, when you give them credit for things you did together. Also, giving them credit to people about when they helped you in a way, small or great. Whatever input they gave. It goes a long way. At this point, you are wealthy because you’ve started in the direction where you. . .

8. Give Something and Take What You are Given.
They are important to you, you are important to them.

9. Show Gratitude. Exude Appreciation For What They Give. 
You boost their confidence. When that happens, they feel important. If you’re lucky they’ll know who did it – the ignition of their priceless confidence and you’ll be important to them. You are valuable to them.

10. No pity parties and Self-pity.
There’s a difference between being humble and being pathetic. No one likes wimpies.
Strong people, people you would want to value you rarely respect self-pitying pathetic people. So, don’t go around talking about how you are the most disadvantaged creature in the whole of the universe. You know, talking about your problems, and showing them to ‘everyone’. Giving detail about how life is knocking you down, left, right and centre.
It just shows how weak and potentially unreliable you are. Come from a point of strength. When you have to tell about your not-so-testimonial situation; here you’ll do well if you don’t give a lot of detail. Stay useful, reliable and dependable. All this humanly though.

11. Harness The Power of Saying, “No!”
Birds of the feather flock together. You want to rub shoulders with strong people and have them consider you important, more than that, you want them to consider you equals to themselves.
Make use of the power bred by a confident, firm, rational no. Be able to turn down offers that don’t very much take you a mile with what you value the most. Be able to decline certain ideas and things. Have the gut to tell these important people you cannot certain things. But, for good reason. Play your cards carefully and skillfully. After all, it boosts your self-image, your personal brand at the same time reminding you that you are your own CEO. I mean, don’t demote yourself from the manager’s position in your life and promote someone.
These important, strong, influential people value that – saying NO. It’s a character, a trait that normally represent strong will, stable identity and integrity. They’ll value you for that.

After all you’ll notice for you to consider someone important enough to make you prioritise them, they’ll have to be above 50% of these 11 Ways Of Boosting Your Value To Important People.

So, Sir, Madam, go out there today and be important to important people for your dream and life purpose. Start earning yourself some value. Invest and make strides towards your dream. Valuable, priceless relationships – enrich your life.

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