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10 Practical Steps On Selling A Vision To A Team Effectively

Selling A Vision

1. Observe and acknowledge where you are – this goes for who is in your team. Most of the times, at the conception of the dream, the people are irresponsible, cowards, lazy and content with where they are. Take your time to observe and appreciate that, then with patience and heart take the next step…

2. Get deeper where necessary – at this step, get personal, really personal. Personal enough to diligently discover what is behind the irresponsibleness, cowardice, laziness and the contentment. Leader, learn and read the fears, the ‘limits to ability’ and hopes held by individuals in your team. That is the way to sell a vision to your team effectively.

3. Build Hope – instead of rebuking them harshly for being irresponsible, cowards, lazy and content with mediocre, leadership can, fist empower the team. Show the team some of the constructive qualities and start from there. To do this you need to study the team on an individual in order to aid the in buying the vision effectively, later. That helps you….

Building Hope

Building Hope

4. Position each individual for the vision according to their abilities you discovered. Then….

5. Evaluate and measure ability – assign duties and assess their ability so you can ….

6. Equip them – once the individuals notice how good-for-the-job they are, you need to develop those good qualities. This, to make the qualities shine so bright that each team member can feel skilled enough. That builds confidence and faith in oneself – high self-esteem. From there you can be sure it is possible to cast a vision to the team.

10 Practical Steps On Selling A Vision To A Team Effectively

7. Continue to learn your team members on an individual basis and as a whole – there will always be fears, ‘limits to ability’ and hopes. So assign tasks that, challenge these fears and help them conquer them while building their ladders towards what they hope for. This, sustainably and patiently – there will be those who see you as an enemy and those who will not see what you are doing, so they stray…

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8. Repeat stages #3 to 6 every time you reach 7 – you smoothen progress, getting better and better

9. Sell the Vision – in very clear mental images. Associate the vision with your team, even at individual and personal level.

10. Repeat step #3 and #6.


At this point, Mr or Ms Leader, it’s needless to say the vision is now a substance, that change has been effected. All that stands between the current state and the envisioned future is time.

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