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Is Change Really Impossible? No Way, You can Knock Off those stumps!

No matter the frustration, you can make it through the hurdles that impede your progress to change pal!
No matter the frustration, you can make it through the hurdles that impede your progress to change pal!

In today’s world, paradoxically, it is the boldest action that is often the safest. Remaining where you are, in a world that is changing so rapidly is, in fact, the most dangerous of all places to be in” ~ Hakeem Belo-Osagie.

Hesitation, procrastination, fear of disappointment, criticism. And fear of frustration or fear of failure have proved to be the main reasons why people remain in one place – stagnation. Yet it hurts.

Disappointment and frustration tend to be the immediate obstacles to any change and thus they are the underlying forces towards hesitations, procrastinations and fear which together may eventually lead to quitting. Such a sad sequence of accumulated negative and destructive emotions! Sometimes they go a long way to strip the confidence, boldness and faith even self-respect in people.

Robert T. Kiyosaki points out in his all-time bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad that, to most people, the pain and feeling of disappointment and frustration is more ‘unbearable’ than the pain and feeling of stagnation. Than the pain and feeling of complacency or the pleasure that comes with change and growth.

I believe that such people need to know and be reminded of the fact that; nothing in the universe ever grows to be big, prominent and notable without ever meeting problems. Most of which threaten both growth and survival of these things. In spite of all that opposition, many things continue to grow in the universe – natural and man-made. Both of which have, to a large extent, benefited and improved the quality of life of the human race – advancing in civilisation.

Where am I getting at? What am I saying?

I am getting at the fact that, even though many things face obstacles they still make it to life. Not only do they get to live, but more – growth and change. Improving our way of life. If these things can make it, what’s to stop you from making it? Nothing!

You may be slowed but you are not stopped.

You may be delayed but you are not denied. You just have to examine some common attributes and attitudes of those that have made it through breath-taking circumstances.

What did great people like Solomon Mujuru, Joshua Nkomo, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, and William Wilberforce have in common? Or the living legends like Strive Masiyiwa, Shingi Munyeza, Benjani Mwaruwari, Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Mark Zuckerberg, Lary Page, and Bill Gates? You wanna find out? Read on…..

Convictions baked by endurance and persistence remain and stand out to be the underlying set of ingredients that sustain the lives of these legends.

Convictions, endurance and persistence are the base of dreamers and visionaries who want change. Who want growth against any challenge ahead of them. You need them too to make it through pal. Persistence was like the carbon to Henry Ford’s steel.

Without persistence, history says there would have been no Ford Corporation to talk about. I mean, Henry Ford’s strength is said to have been PERSISTENCE. The same is true about the great and rare scientist; and inventor – Thomas Edison.

Convictions and clear images of the end results coupled with rooted emotions produce ground-breaking motivation and inspiration to endure. Such endurance surpasses the fear, of the pain associated with growth or obstacles thus; SUCCESS! Such was the attribute and attitude of the founder and ‘grower’ of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs – clear images of end-results.

From my perspective, from my angle of view; it’s like each way, I’m at the risk of death, because if I endure and press forward I live whilst if I quit and give in it is more like to die without honour, but shamefully. I mean I’d rather die trying to change and grow into something good than die because of complacency. Anyone who have read or heard of Winston Churchill would nod at this – agreeing.

Dying of complacency, to me is like dying while doing something embarrassing. No one will ever have confidence and pride in telling your story. Is that what you want? Obviously not!

When seeds are planted; it is dark, sometimes with highly fluctuating temperatures coupled by unbearable pressure by the soil from above – hopeless and life-threatening. Further, consider the softness of germinating seeds then think about how large and rough the lumps of soil are which the plumule has to pass through. I imagine how harsh it must be for the new and young soft plant. But it pushes through until it germinates and turns green starting a new life in a different but harsh environment. It endures the wind, the large raindrops, the scorching sun, the frost until it becomes a huge and strong plant that bears fruit. It becomes a fruitful and beautiful plant, stronger, healthy and productive.

An almost similar situation is experienced in child birth, when the sun is about to rise against a cloudy and cold morning. However, the new born gets delivered and in a couple of minutes a bunch of formerly hopeless and sweating people get ecstatic with wide and effortless smiles. On the other hand, a brighter, sunny, warm and beautiful day creeps in as shadows and darkness flee away. Light advances and paves its way.

It may have been known that the new born baby would be delivered and the sun would rise to take over form the darkness but there was no certainty. There was no 100% assurance which is why people are found passing around when their loved ones are in labour and people put on warm clothing going to work in the morning. It is not certain, yet things turn around. A few people have the courage to behave as if things have already happened in the way they want to have them happen. I like and I value that.

The eagle, after a long life of forty years, has to go through a painful process of getting a new beak, new talons and plucking its feathers to get new ones. I can imagine how it feels like. I hear it threatens its life, but it does it anyway. Once it goes through the process, the eagle is renewed and is restored to its earlier life and can live 30 more years.

Change and growth are a painful but necessary process. Think of it like this; change allows you to adjust to changing environment. If you don’t change you are like those people who are still wearing tenderfoot boots when fashion trends dictates that snickers have got it or ‘all-stars’. When you do not grow you are remaining in one place while things around you require you to take two steps at a time to stay in track. To grow you would have to take three or four steps so as to stay ahead. It sucks having to stay in one place. It is painful having to change but it’s worth it.

In the end, self-assurance, convictions and clear focus sustain us to success and prosperity against numerous obstacles scattered and littered along our way. We remain and stand distinguished from animals. We dominate and we rule. Human race is inspired and, it makes a difference. Dreaming and envisioning – birthing and dreams coming true. Although it comes with perspiration, falling of feathers, new feathers grow. We dry up but we come out more beautiful and refreshed than before.

Let’s do it! What have we got to lose?

We need this change; we need to do some expanding. I mean, some growing. And we can! Your story is different, you have an inspiring story. That one story that shall touch people’s lives, and once touched by your story they shall tell it like they lived within you – with confidence. What are you waiting for? It’s so good to be inspired 2 inspire.

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