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4 Costs: Leaders, Cast the Vision Before It’s Too Late

4 Costs: Leaders, Cast the Vision Before It’s Too Late

Leaders conceive visions about the future of their teams. These visions have to set the course of things. That being the case, it is then the duty of leaders to make sure followers/team members understand the vision enough to make it their own.

4 Costs: Leaders, Cast the Vision Before It’s Too Late

The processing of selling the vision is usually met with difficulties. Most of the times, it ends up being ineffective.

So, members of the team just follow instructions whilst pursuing their individual aims. That would be costly for any organisation or team in that;

  1. Change is almost impossible – there is no collective effort to make change happen given the fact that people are driven by personal (unknown) motives. But change is really possible
  2. There is lack of unity - in the face of a problem or shake down, team members scatter and find it convenient to leave the team.

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  1. Mistakes and wastage or time, money and/or resources are common – I mean decisions made by individuals are mostly likely to be not in harmony with the main direction – vision. So things done are just done, good or bad but mostly without any help to the dream. The conceived vision remains all that it is – a vision, a dream.
  2. Eventually, the whole team begins to feel lost and demotivated – once people see that they are not going anywhere collectively as a team, they start to wonder and feel like they belong to a failing and sinking ship. What would you do if you find out that you are in a sinking ship? Naturally you jump out if there is a way. So, the team crumbles – the leader’s nightmare

So, Mr or Ms Leader, start to sell your vision to your team to overturn the possibility of;

  1. Confusion,
  2. Least/minimum effort from the team,
  3. Demotivation,
  4. Division,
  5. Among other things including the dreadful possibility – closure/end!

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