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Motivation Vs Manipulation


Real #leaders motivate their followers whereas #dealers manipulate their followers!

What’s a dealer in this case? Manipulation, motivation – what? These things are just the same? They could be, there’s a very thin line between them which many leaders do not recognize. Which side are you on?

Tuesday 19 May 2015


When conviction, strong belief and assurance in substance of doing something is clear and can be directly linked to an empowered being it becomes certain that the #goal is achievable or is spiritually accomplished…surely there’s absolutely nothing that can stand on the way. We can overcome any challenge. It’s what #leaders should do – educating the followers or helping the followers visualize the #vision, associating them with the vision alongside empowering them towards the desired vision.

The result of this complete package and integrated effort brings lasting confidence and self-trust which is what every #team needs to stay put, survive, grow and deal with change. This way we can confidently consider #motivation to be part of #leadership. I would boldly regard this whole package motivation and humbly but fairly and straight-forwardly call the common ‘motivation’ manipulation. This is the way to go, the going that goes and never retreats or turns back, going far and long-termly quicker and efficient in terms of both time and resources.

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